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Urchin Fluff

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Urchin Fluff

Add some magic and science to your sensory play with our instant fluff. 

Pour 1 cup of water over your powder to see in instantly explode into a gorgeous, purple & oh so fluffy wonderland!


Pop it in the freezer to make it mouldable 

Simply just run your fingers through it for some divine sensory play. 

Mix in some eco glitter for some sparkly magic. 

Put some in a sensory bottle with some little objects to create an ‘I spy’ bottle. 

The play possibilities are endless


20g of dry powder with eco glitter


1 bottle of dry instant snow powder makes approximately 2 cups of fluffy snow. 

Keep activated fluff in an airtight container for a week 

You can also dehydrate your snow by laying it out on some baking paper and leave it to dry out. Then store in a sealed jar. Can be reactivated several times. 

Not for children under 3 years of age or any child likely to mouth things.

Store out of reach of children.