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Chamomile - The Mini Collection

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These little yellow chamomile flowers are such a beautiful element to delicately add to potions and sensory



Our Mini Collection has been carefully curated to add special elements to your potion and sensory play. With some ingredients that smell such as star anise and cinnamon, some that fizz and some that sparkle.

Each mini vile is the perfect size to add to your little ones mud kitchen so all their ingredients can be on display and ready to use to create magic.

The little jars can then be used to collect some water to activate some fizz if its been added or they can collect their own 'ingredients' from the kitchen or garden

Reuse your glass jar to store your own elements.


Not for children under 3 years

This is a glass jar, Adult supervision is required.

Jar measures 30mm x 30mm x 40mm