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MakeMUD Slime powder - Beach

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Embodying the late afternoon sunlight shining through yellow leaves, along with the sweet smell of a fresh pumpkin harvest and a hint of turmeric , this golden slime oozes with everything Autumn.Made with certified organic pumpkin powder and sprinkled with bioiglitter, this all-natural flubbery slime is a feast for the senses this season.

  • 100% natural and compostable slime
  • Requires 2 cups of water and heating in a microwave, directions on pouch (can also be cooked on a stovetop)
  • After making, slime lasts for 7 days stored airtight in fridge and reheated before play
  • Packaged in a 100% compostable ziplocked pouch
  • No added colours or fragrance
  • May stain certain surfaces if left for a while, can be treated as a food stain and removed
  • Developed and handmade in Melbourne, Australia by Muddly Puddly Laboratory (a mum and her kids)

Recommended for ages 3+ years, adult supervision required. This is a toy and is not suitable for consumption. Slime is hot after cooking and needs to be cooled before play.