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Giant Paint / Water Dropper

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Giant Paint / Water Dropper



Our water / paint droppers are perfect for all sorts of play.

Get those hand and finger muscles working with some fine motor play exercises

Squeezing the rubber end will aid in your Childs fine motor development.

• Use simply in some water play activities

• In the bath

• Water the pot plants

• Paint the driveway with some watery chalk paint

(recommended use with water paints rather than thicker paints)

• Seperate the rubber pump from the spout for some scoop and pouring fun


Our giant dropper is big but also a wonderful size for your little.

They are the perfect tension that it's not too hard or too easy for your little one to squeeze up the water or paint. They will find the challenge and feel super proud when they achieve sucking up the liquid


Separates for easy washing