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River Nature Tube

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Bring the charm of river life to your playroom with the Nature Tube River set from Wild Republic. This toy set includes a selection of well-crafted, realistic river animals that are both educational and fun. With its safety-first approach, the Nature Tube River set exceeds all safety standards and is completely safe for your little ones. This intriguing collection will not only keep children engaged in creative play but also inspire curiosity and appreciation for nature. The Nature Tube River is a product of Wild Republic, a trusted brand with nearly four decades of experience in creating toys that promote understanding and love for wildlife. Whether you're an adult collector fascinated by river ecosystems or a parent encouraging your child's natural curiosity, this set offers an enjoyable and educational exploration of river wildlife. Dive in and let the adventure begin! Bullet 1: Captivating River Creatures: Dive into playtime with toy figures representing diverse.

Includes 12 River Animals
Contains: Duck, Piranha, Crocodile, Salmon, Heron, Bass, Turtle, Bull Frog, Beaver, River Otter, Salamander, Anaconda